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Photo Albums

  by   David

I've been working on a photo albums page for my website for several weeks and I'm happy to share that it's finally done.

why you need avocado slicer

  by   David

Katie prepares a salad with slices of avocados for my lunch every day before she goes to work. I love avocado... not only they taste good but they are very good for you...

Laravel is the bomb

  by   David

In 2003, I was part of a website team in my church and we were trying to build the very first website for our church. Back then, I only knew...

Bathtub Spout

  by   David

All of my family members take shower in our master bedroom's bathroom shower except for Kara, who showers in the 2nd floor bathroom tub...

responsive blog design launch

  by   David

Katie has been complaining about my handymango website design. She said it's ugly and more importantly, it's not inviting. However, one thing about my website that has been bothering me the most...