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  by   David

Tesla is changing our living standards... and they should totally work on lawn/yard tools next to reach millions of consumer users while further helping our environment!

Photo Albums

  by   David

I've been working on a photo albums page for my website for several weeks and I'm happy to share that it's finally done.

why you need avocado slicer

  by   David

Katie prepares a salad with slices of avocados for my lunch every day before she goes to work. I love avocado... not only they taste good but they are very good for you...

Laravel is the bomb

  by   David

In 2003, I was part of a website team in my church and we were trying to build the very first website for our church. Back then, I only knew...

Bathtub Spout

  by   David

All of my family members take shower in our master bedroom's bathroom shower except for Kara, who showers in the 2nd floor bathroom tub...