SUNY Albany

We were not sure where to go for the Memorial Day long weekend since we pretty much have been to all the children's museums, aquariums, and zoos in the tristate area.
After much consideration, we decided to take our kids to the Albany State University of NY (SUNY Albany) so we can show them the college that both of their parents went to
Katie and I used to visit our college every couple of years after our graduation but we haven't visited in more than 10 years.

So many things have changed in school... the signature fountain in the center of campus, new buildings and dorms, and even a football stadium that was not there when we were attending.
Our kids were amazed when we told them that we got married because of this school since we started dating when Katie was a junior and I was in my first year of grad school.

After touring the school, we spent some time throwing football and playing badminton at the Circle.
We then headed to downtown Albany to show them the house that I used to live in during my graduate school year.

It was good time reminiscing about the good old days with Katie.
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