Vacation Bible School

The VBS ended last week for Aaron and Jordan.

This was the third year that Aaron attended the VBS during the summer and it was the first time for Jordan.

We were not sure if Jordan was old enough to be away from home most of the day but we thought it would be a good experience for Jordan, as well as some break away from the boys for Katie, so we decided to send Jordan as well but Katie ended up staying at church during the praise time because Jordan would not stop crying and stay away from Katie

It's so cute watching Aaron and Jordan signing contemporary Christian songs with motions. We knew Aaron was always good with singing and dancing but we were pleasantly surprised to see Jordan singing and doing the motions.

I hate to boast about my kid but just watch these two videos from 2 years ago, which was Aaron's first VBS as pre-K class. For obvious reason, Aaron took the center stage and got the spot lights.

I also love this video... Aaron just naturally moves his body as the beat turns on.
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