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  • Greatest Nike Commercial

    I would say this is the greatest Nike commercial ever made and it might just be the greatest commercial ever made by any company in my book.
  • Tesla

    Tesla is changing our living standards... and they should totally work on lawn/yard tools next to reach millions of consumer users while further helping our environment!
  • trailer - The Lion King Rises

    Katie and I have not watched any of the Dark Knight batman movies but Stony thinks the Dark Knight is the best movie in the world. When we went away together during Christmas vacation, she sounded li...
  • home alone vacation

    my wife took all 3 children and went over to her mom's place yesterday (Saturday) afternoon. She's going to stay there until tomorrow (Monday), which means I've been home alone since yesterday aftern...
  • Jake Shimabukuro - Bohemian Rhapsody

    I just found out about Jake and apparently he is known as the world's best ukulele player (also known as the god of ukulele). If you want to see how good he is, check out this video of him playing B...