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Who is HanDyMango?

Name : David 한만강 (장선 초등학교 34회)
Nickname : mango , one man gang
Occupation : IT Consultant Professional, Father of two beautiful boys and a girl, Husband of the most gorgeous woman
Wife : Katie
Children : Aaron (20 years & 3 months), Jordan (16 years & 8 months), and Kara (14 years & 2 months)
About me : I develop web applications and eCommerce for living for a very large corporation. I especially enjoy designing and developing dynamic websites from scratch. I'm very passionate about music. I really enjoy listening to good music, lyrics, vocals, and appreciate great artists and song writers. Did I mention that I love music? Katie also tells me that I'm a compulsive buyer and I don't think I can disagree. I buy things not necessarily because I need them but because I believe that I'm getting a deal/bargain. So most of the things that I buy end up collecting dust in our house, without ever being used. I also buy things in advance for planning home improvements/projects. However, they end up sitting around for years before I get to them. I guess I'm a compulsive buyer + procrastinator + lazy bum.

Why HanDyMango?

My nickname was "mango" ever since college years. I got this nickname because my Korean name sounds very similar to how "mango" is pronounced in Korean. So you are probably now thinking that I'm a handy guy, hence the "handymango" website name, right? Nope! I'm not handy at all. I'm just a wanna be... :) So, if I'm not a handy person, what's with the handymango website name? Well, because of my past consulting jobs, I used to always work for different companies for each of my projects. When I get to the new project, the first logistic that my client provides me with is a network account id. Many companies create the network account username using the person's last name and first name initial. Therefore, my network account username was often "hand" (or HanD). And one thing I remember from 4 years of Spanish classes in high school is "y", which translates to "and" in English. Therefore, handymango stands for "HanD" y "Mango" which means "HanD and Mango". This website is all about stories in my work and personal life! :)

What's with the Superman Baseball Cap?

This is my all time favorite baseball cap and I own about 5 of this specific one and 10 other different superman baseball caps. If I like something a lot, I buy them a lot so that I can have them for a long time even after the first one wears out :)

Murphy's Law

I have only been with consulting companies ever since I started working. The main reason I chose a consulting company as my first job is because I was single. As a consultant, you get to travel and explore all around the country and have opportunity to work for different companies/clients. Well, it turned out that my first project was in Manhattan, NY so I wasn't traveling at all because I lived in Queens, NY. What's worse is that my company continued to find projects for me in NYC for first 5 years! -.-;; By then, I got married and had my first child. At that point, I was praying that I would't get placed in projects that require traveling. Well, I've been traveling ever since my first baby was born.... -_-; Talking about Murphy's Law...

The following describes my normal commute to work every week:
  • Sunday night - pack my carry-on luggage (actually, my wife packs for me...)
  • Monday 2:00AM - wake up and shower. warm up my car while getting dressed.
  • Monday 3:00AM - leave my house, headed for the airport. pickup a cup of coffee on the way.
  • Monday 4:30AM - park my car in long term parking lot.
  • Monday 6:00AM - board the plane then get back to sleep.
  • Monday 3PM - arrive at the airport. get to the client site by taxi or rental car.
  • Thursday 10PM - get to the airport, board the plan, then go to sleep.
  • Friday 8:30AM - touch down at home airport...
  • Friday 9:45AM - walk into house. Kisses and hugs to my wife and kids.
After 12 years of consulting, I am no longer a consultant as of August 2010 but rather a full-time employee that works from home. I have been working from home for 13 years & 9 months now!

Places I've been to for business travel

  • Dallas, Texas for 3 months
  • Denver, Colorado for 1 week
  • Armonk, NY for 5 months
  • Atlanta, Georgia for 3 months
  • Schofield, Wisconsin for 1 week
  • Boca Raton, Florida for around a year
  • Cedar Rapids, Iowa for around two years
  • Chicago, Illinois for around 3 months
  • Columbus, Ohio for around 8 months
  • Long Island, New York - 3 months
  • Santa Barbara, California for around 5 years

Contact Me

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