Greatest Nike Commercial

As of this writing, Nike is just over a 100 Billion dollar company.
They are the world class, #1 company in the world when it comes to a brand in any sports.

People across all ages around the world know the company and the brand when they see the "Swoosh" logo on a shirt or sneaker, not to mention when they hear "Just do it" slogan.

I honestly don't think there's any other brand that can top Nike's logo and slogan in terms of simplicity, recognition, and market reach and penetration.

They spend millions, if not billions, on endorsements to the world class athletes and they have the best marketing and advertising teams and partners.

I have seen some amazing commercials by Nike but this particular one just gives me a chill and chokes me up every time I see it...
I would say this is the greatest Nike commercial ever made and it might just be the greatest commercial ever made by any company in my book.

Well done Nike for creating this amazing and inspiring commercial. Indeed.. you just did it!

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