Wildwood, N.J., 2020

After weeks of complaint and “Can we go to Wildwood?” Umma and Appa finally told us that they booked a room at the Summer Sands condominium in Wildwood Crest for 4 nights and 5 days. We were very excited and left on the 29th of August.

We drove 3 hours with no rest-stops… And when we were getting closer to Wildwood, we drove through Hurricane Laura

When we arrived, we got unpacked and settled. The condo room had 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and to Umma’s approval, there was no carpet

Umma made the traditional vacation dinner shortly after…

After dinner, we decided to head down to the beach. We were staying at a beachfront condo, so it was a short walk. The ocean was nice, but the sand was a little weird from the rain.

When we came back from the beach, we all took showers and had cup 라면. When we went to bed, I slept with Umma and Appa in the queen bed while Aaron and Jordan each got their own twin bed.

The next morning, Jordan cooked omelettes for everyone while Umma made waffles. Yum

We went to the beach after breakfast, but it was very windy. We ended up not using our canopy because the wind was too strong. We played in the ocean and the sand though

After we played for a while, we had hot dogs for lunch.

When we came back from the beach, we swam in the pool in front of the condo. The water wasn't as warm as it was last year, but it was still good

We had another Korean dinner cooked by Umma, and went to the Morey's Pier boardwalk. When we came back, we had cup 라면 again.

On day three, we had waffles and omelettes again for breakfast then went to the beach. The weather was good, and we rode on the boogie board.

We ate pizza for lunch…

After, we had another Korean dinner and watched Mary Poppins Returns.

The next day, the Parks came for a day trip. We had breakfast and got ready before they came.

When they arrived, they changed into their swimsuits. We went to the beach shortly after.

We had a lot of fun building with sand and riding our boogie boards

We ate sliders, hot dogs, and pizza for lunch. After staying at the beach for a while, we went back to the condo and swam in the pool before dinner. The Parks left after dinner

On the last day, we didn't go to the beach, but instead the boardwalk. We used our leftover tickets and bought one extra. Jordan and Aaron rode a rollercoaster then a ride with me. We had lunch at Jumbo's Grub and Pub, then headed back.

Our vacation was sadly over, but we were still going to have our traditional 감미옥 dinner… And we had it with the Parks

Thank you, Umma and Appa, for the awesome trip we had

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