Three Gallon Blue Velvet Shrimp Tank - Setup & Newborn Shrimplets!

Hi :D! When I was at Uncle Steve's Beachhouse and was catching organisms in the ocean, I remembered how much fun it was to keep Ghost Shrimp in my 2.5 gallon Joey tank (Joey ate them). However, I wanted something more luxurious and colorful, so I began researching on the way home. I spent a few days researching and decided I would want Blue Velvet Shrimp for my birthday gift! (Thank you, mom and dad) I saw some inspiration online and wanted a vertical mico-tank, so I got to work. Mom took me to Homegoods and we at first picked up a flimsy $16 vase, that although was perfect size ended up cracking with all the equipment set up. The light ended up cracking the vase due to poor design. However, I got all the equipment I needed which were rocks for aquascaping, a air pump, sponge filter, and substrate (sand).

Due to the vase incident, we ended up buying a 3 gallon fish tank that came with a lid and lighting! However, we quickly ran into a problem. The lighting wasn't compatible with a timer system, so there wouldn't be an automatic timer system. Thankfully, mom offered to buy a high-quality 5-watt lamp that could act as a replacement and was automatic-timer compatible :D. Therefore, the setup was complete, and I was ready for planting...

We got home from Pet Place II (LFS) and I quickly planted everything! It came out perfect, and I couldn't be happier with the result! However, some of the plants died off due to lack of nutrients in the soil so we ended up going back and getting different plants

Now, the longest and painful part - cycling the tank. Cycling the tank is a very long and grueling process that can take up to a month for even as small of a tank as mine. To not bore everyone out, I'll explain it in as much of a condensed, quick way as I possibly can.
So basically when you set up a new fish tank, everything is brand new and there are no beneficial bacteria in it. It is a clean slate. However, when organisms excrete, or plants decay, or food is left uneaten, a toxic compound called ammonia builds up. High levels of ammonia can kill fish and shrimp. In order to counteract this inevitable ammonia buildup, the aquarium has to undergo a process known as the nitrogen cycle. Basically, ammonia builds up and then drops which is then converted into nitrITES, which is also harmful. However, this will then convert into nitrATES which are not as lethal but are still harmful enough. Then, this can be easily taken out by plants absorbing it or by undergoing water changes. In order to constantly convert ammonia into nitrites and nitrites into nitrates, there need to be beneficial bacteria. Waiting out this process will eventually create enough beneficial bacteria that when waste builds up, it can quickly be converted into a compound that can be removed easily. Therefore, waiting out the aquarium while keeping it running will result in a fully cycled tank.

Anyway, this process took me about 2-3 weeks of waiting, but finally, when my tank was fully cycled, it was time for me to get the Blue Velvet Shrimp.
I arrived at Pet Place II, and waited a little till I was asked if I needed something, to which I informed them I would be buying shrimp. The nice man helped me out by picking out 3 or so pregnant shrimp, a few females, and 1 or so male. It ended up being a very expensive 6 shrimp.

When I got home, after acclimating them and putting them into my tank, I waited. I observed their behaviors closely, and when I woke up this morning, what happened was shocking.
One of my BV shrimp gave birth to shrimplets! I couldn't believe it and called up my dad to show him! They are super adorable, and I can't wait to track their growing progress!

๐ŸฆThanks for reading my blog about my adventure of keeping Blue Velvet Shrimp! Have a good day :D๐Ÿฆ
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