20 packs of 500-sheet HammerMill Letter Sized Paper


Staples has 10-Packs of 500-sheet reams of HammerMill Copy Plus Letter Sized Paper for $25 - $5 coupon 47617 - $16 rebate = $4.
Order 2x 10-packs with a small filler item, such as this one making it $8 with free shipping!!!

Note, you must order using catalog order to see the reduced price:
  1. click here
  2. Enter SKU 122374-QJ and quantity 2, then add to cart
  3. Add the filler item
  4. Checkout, apply coupon 47617 if not automatically applied
  5. Submit online rebate here
I ordered it online on Sunday, 4/18 (two days ago)

and it got delivered today

and I also received email that my $32 rebate has been accepted and is getting processed.
$16 rebate is applicable for purchases made between 4/18 and 4/24 and limits 2 per household. See here for rebate information.

So, 20 packs of 500-sheet HammerMill paper for $8!
Now, that was EASY.
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