A simple JS safety-pin confirmation when a delete link is clicked


When developing an admin page for CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operation, you almost always end up having a list page that displays the record details with an edit and delete button for each record.

Since this page is only applicable to admin, I usually take the simple route of displaying a link that is directly tied to the route responsible for deleting the id indicated in the link. Don't forge that this route/link should be protected so that only the verified admin user can access it.

However, it's very possible that I might end up clicking on the delete link for the wrong record or even by accident. In order to prevent the accidental record deletion/lost, I usually like to add a confirmation for deletion but I want to achieve this with minimum code since after all, this is admin only page that nobody else will see.

This can be achieved with simple javascript as follows:

  // let's assume GET /photo/{id}/delete is the route for deleting the photo associated with id
  <a href="/photo/{{$photo->id}}/delete" onclick="return confirm('are you sure you want to delete {{$photo->filename}}?');">Delete</a>

When the above link is clicked, it will display a javascript prompt message like below:

And if you click on the Cancel button, the browser will ignore the click on the link

I know there are relatively tiny jQuery libraries that can support this type of confirmation in much prettier UI but I just want a quick and dirty function since nobody will see this prompt except me...
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