Amazon Kindle - third generation


Yesterday, Amazon announced their new Kindle and I instantly purchased one in a heart beat.
Every new features were better than the previous model and the price was about 1/3 of the original Kindle!

Since I used to travel a lot, I did run into many people that had Kindle in the airplane and I was really impressed about it. Only thing that held me back from purchasing one was the price, which was close to $400.

The new model is only $139 for WiFi version and $189 for global free 3G version.
I bought the WiFi version since I know I will most likely be purchasing all of my books at home or places that have WiFi.

I know what you are thinking... why would I buy Kindle instead of iPad? well, I bought Kindle because I want to strictly use it as a reading device. If I needed a device for browsing the internet or playing games, I would have purchased iPad. But Kindle is the best device, without any doubt, for reading books electronically.

Here are some huge advantages of Kindle over iPad in case you are not aware of it:

1. You can read on Kindle for up to a month without charging.
2. There's no glare on the screen.
3. There's no back-light on the screen so there's no eye strain.
4. It's super light weighted.
5. The device doesn't get hot in your hands

Apple iPad does NOT have ANY of the five features mentioned above, which means that it's not a pleasant reading device over a long period of time.

If you love to read books, I strongly recommend Kindle. You will not regret it.
You can pre-order Kindle now and it will be shipped at the end of August; and if you are going to purchase one, please use the link above or below! Thanks!
I can't wait until I get mine delivered!!!
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