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After researching on the Internet for several months, we finally made the decision and purchased a bunk bed.

If you google for "bunk bed", you will be overwhelmed with so many places that sell bunk beds. However, it was difficult to choose one because we were looking for a bunk bed that met the following requirements:

1. It needs to be SAFE and trust worthy (from safety perspective).
2. It needs to be made out of solid wood, instead of compressed or laminate woods (again, related to safety)
3. It needs to have the ability to separate into two twin beds.
4. When separated into two twin beds, they both need to have a head board and a foot board that looks different or have different size.

I was actually looking for bunk beds that met all of the above criteria as well as the one that had a trundle so that we can store one extra mattress for a guest.
I was also looking for under $600 price range, which is very feasible but wasn't sure if they met all of our requirements.

We ended up purchasing Camp Bunk Bed from Pottery Barn Kids.

Here's what I meant by in the last point about the head board and foot board.

Many bunk beds have the same look/size head board and foot board so you can't tell the head board from the foot board and I didn't like this...
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