Flash (Adobe) vs. iPad (Apple) and HTML 5


As most people know already, Adobe flash (formerly Macromedia Flash) is not supported on Apple's iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

There were heated discussions about this few months ago and Steve Jobs published his thoughts on Flash at Apple website, which basically rips Adobe and Flash apart by stating why Adobe as a product company and Flash as a software both suck!

If you have not read his stands about Flash, I strongly encourage you to click on the link above then take time to read it. He makes very good points and provides detail explanation on why Apple's mobile platforms will not support Flash.

HTML version 5 will become official very soon and its specification includes open standard for rendering videos and audios (and it's not using Flash obviously).

This made me think about the future of Flash...
There were many incidents where I considered studying the Flash and its ActionScript myself so that I can too create fancy and interactive visual effects on my websites. Not any more... and I'm glad I didn't spend the time to study it.

Also, iPads are known to be the greatest invention and is gaining huge popularity as the alternative to laptops and netbooks.
This means that iPad (and iPhone) users will not be able to see videos in my website if I have videos that are rendered using Flash player.
I currently do have few videos of my children in my website in flv format, viewable using a flash player. I'm actually thinking about replace those flv videos with something else.

My current plan is to upload all videos to YouTube then mark them as unlisted so that they will not be public from the search engines but I can still embed them in my website. This way, iPhone and iPad users will be able to view my videos without any issue (and I don't have to worry about video conversion or diskspace issue).
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