I am in love with jQuery


I love technology...
I love the problem solving...
and most of all, I love designing, implementing, and delivering web-based applications, whether it's a website, commerce site, or even a business application.

But because I've been doing this work for over 10 years now, it becomes mundane and nothing more than a work after a while... there's no spice or excitement...

Once in a while, however, I will encounter a new technology that gives me a butterfly in my stomach and make me lose sleep over it (I know I'm a geek :grin: )

The last one that gave me butterfly was Google Map's API. I was so excited about what Google Map's API can do and for both potentials and opportunities it can enable for websites. Because these days, it's all about GEO!

Right now, I'm in love with jQuery, the most amazing JavaScript library.
jQuery and flood of its plugins allows you to do things on webpages that were either totally impossible or only possible with Flash.

Yesterday, I implemented my first jQuery feature in my website.
I have a "Save as a Draft" functionality in my website right now, but Katie (my wife) was complaining that it's not user friendly. Moreover, she actually lost her entire post content while she was writing about Jordan's birthday event when she accidentally pressed the Backspace button while the cursor was not on the text box, which made the browser go back to the previous page... she was really upset.. :pissed:

So using jQuery, I implemented "auto-save" feature that saves the content that is in progress every 5 minutes using AJAX. It saved the content in the database without refreshing the page using AJAX so you don't even know that it was auto-saved until you see a label on the bottom that indicates the last saved date/time. Pretty cool stuff.

I then added "Open/Recover" button, which opens a modal dialog with a list of saved topics that you can choose to open. It opens a modal dialog, which means everything on the page becomes grayed out until you take an action from the model dialog. I really love the way it came out.

If you are a website design or a developer and has not yet explored jQuery library, I would strong recommend it. I thought Yahoo's YUI libraries were pretty cool but jQuery is the best javascript library hands down!
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