iPhone 4 - it's all about success with one major failure


My iPhone was delivered by UPS at 9AM on Tuesday, 7/6.
I could not believe how heavy the little box that packaged iPhone 4.
My first impression was "wow.... it's more beautiful than iPhone 3 and it's sexy"
You will notice that it's thinner and much sharper looking than the previous iPhone.

However, you are once more impress when you lift up the iPhone to hold it in your hand. It's heavy! Not heavy as it's too heavy to carry around as a phone but sturdy heavy. It really makes you feel good about having this phone.

I also love the iOS 4. The grouping of the applications is neat and the background running application is cool, especially for music related applications. I also love how they redesigned the email view by combining all same email threads into one (similar to how google does in gmail). I originally thought this only worked when I was viewing my gmail account but it turns out it can do the same for my company emails in Outlook! Awesome!
I currently have 6 different email accounts setup in my iPhone and I like the fact that I can view all 6 Inboxes all at once with the new feature in iPhone 4 as well.

The camera flash worked pretty well. I didn't think it would make any difference but was surprised to see how well it worked (close up).

Now, the best feature is something you probably saw on TV ads. The face time!
I didn't get to use it until couple of days ago and was really impressed with the quality and when it can do! It might feel more amazing just because the video conferencing using your mobile phone is new (at least in the USA) but they really did a great job.
I was able to talk to my friend face to face then we both changed to the backside camera to show each other's new baby daughter. How cool is that?

I think Apple is amazing in what they do. They don't just provide new technology and features but they provide them in the best possible way with most intuitive and easiest way to use them. That's how Apple differentiate from all other competitors.

Now, it would have been great if my personal opinions about iPhone 4 ended here but there's one major failure in this iPhone story as you all already know.
The antenna issue, aka death grip, is real. I usually get 4 to full 5 bars in my house but as soon as I hold my iPhone, bars go down. If I hold it the wrong way (according to Steve Jobs), I will not have any signal... it's so sad, it's unreal...

So what does this mean? If you can't make a call with a mobile phone, can you even call it a phone? probably not. Well, technically iPhone is not just a phone but it's a smart phone. It functions as more than a mobile phone. Ever since I purchased my iPhone almost 2 years ago, I can definitely say that it had impact on my life style due to the fact that it functions as more than a mobile phone.
However, that's not good enough of reason to have the faulty antenna design so I'm very disappointed at Apple about this.
I did just find out that there's a press conference tomorrow held by Apple and everybody is suspecting that they are going to discuss about their antenna issue.
I hope that Apple will do the right thing so that they can once again gain the consumers's trust and favor.

There are several variation of this video around iPhone 4 antenna issue but here's one I would recommend that you watch... it's hilarious!
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