iPhone 3


I probably don't have to say much on this topic...
Everyone who already has iPhone knows that it's the best thing on this earth.

I was a Verizon customer two years ago and had Motorola Q cellphone but all my coworkers had iPhones. After seeing the iPhone in first hand for few months, I switched to AT&T and got myself iPhone KNOWING that I will not get any reception at home! and I have never regret it

iPhone has revolutionized how people live when they are outside...
It's not just a phone anymore... it provides music, directions, gps, camera, games, emails, chat, SMS, and any information you need at the palm of your hand.

We no longer argue who's right and wrong at the dinner table with coworkers. We just look up the facts in Wiki app using iPhone when in doubt.
I no longer have to print google map for direction, I just type the address on my iphone and get directions and my location with moving dot.
I don't have to carry my iPod anymore as I can listen to all my music collection directly from iPhone in the airplane and at the airport.
I take pictures with my iPhone then update my tweet mini-blog by simply sending an email with picture attachment.
I can send SMS to my relatives that have iPhone in Korean.
And it does SO MUCH MORE...

If you don't have iPhone, you have to get it... you will not regret it.
and go buy some Apple stocks.. they know what they are doing.

Here's a funny youtube clip that I saw today. I love it... enjoy.
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