Logitech diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks - perfect keyboard part 2


Based on its name, this keyboard was obviously intended for laptops, which means it must have the same feel as the laptop keyboards. Based on reviews and specifications, it had the following pros and benefits:

  1. wireless - it uses 4 triple-A batteries and claims to last 3 years!
  2. perfectStroke - this is the Logitech technology that promises the most comfortable and awesome feel of keyboard
  3. a number pad - which is missing from most laptop keyboard
  4. built-in wrist/palm rest - for additional comfort
  5. ultra-slim profile - piano-black finish and brushed-aluminum palm rest = modern/elegant design = looks awesome on your desk

As you can see from the picture above, I ordered the Logitech diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks and used it for my laptop for a little over a year and I can confidently say that this is the BEST keyboard that Logitech has perfected it (almost) with one small caveat.

Before I tell you the cons and one critical caveat, let me share what I love about this keyboard...
  1. It's wireless so it looks clean and does not clutter my desk. I never thought wireless keyboard or mouse would make much of difference but you can't go back once you are used to it.
  2. Amazing battery life! I only used it for little over 1 year so I can't vouch for their 3 year battery life claim but I didn't have to change the batteries during 1 year, where I was using the keyboard for about 8 hours a day!
  3. It's so freaken comfortable. I think it has better comfort and feel than most laptop keyboards. The palm/wrist rest is a big plus.

Few additional small points but I can't live without them anymore:
  • if you look at the above picture carefully, you will notice that the Delete button is very long (size of two keys combined). I didn't think that made a difference but you would be surprised the difference this makes when deleting characters
  • dedicated short cut key for a Calculator and volumes/mute keys.
  • I like the fact that this keyboard uses the regular batteries and not rechargeable batteries.
Now, the cons but all of these are very minor points that really don't bother me that much:
  • I wish it had a Logitech unifying receiver so that I can use one receiver for both wireless mouse and keyboard.
  • The keyboard seems to go into a sleep mode when idle for a while (I'm guessing this is to save battery) so it may not respond right away when you start typing after the keyboard has been idle for a while.

That's it for the cons and these two points are a drop in a bucket compared to all the amazing things this keyboard has to offer, well until...

After using this laptop for about 15 months, on one fine day the letters A, S, and number 8 keys stopped working for some reason. At first, I thought my batteries finally got drained but all other keys were working fine and these 3 keys still were not working even after I replaced the batteries.

I googled around and was shocked to find that there are other people that had this exact same symptoms!
Check out this Logitech forum (http://forums.logitech.com/t5/Keyboards-and-Keyboard-Mice/Some-keys-not-working-Wireless-DiNovo-Keyboard-for-Notebooks-S/td-p/295439)
The discussion in the forum is no longer available so he's the screenshot:

This definitely sounds like a manufacture defect to me and it's really too bad because if it wasn't for this defect, this keyboard would have been a legendary...

One other amazing thing about this keyboard is that it was 5 year manufacture warranty! yes, that's right, FIVE years!!!

So I called Logitech support and they emailed a prepaid UPS postage so I can ship the keyboard to them. One other thing that they required was the proof of purchase, which I had in my gmail account since I purchased this keyboard from Amazon. I realized that one good thing about online shopping is that you actually have all the historical purchase information in your email inbox.

Stay tuned for my review on Logitech's return policy experience as well as my continual quest for the perfect keyboard...
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