My favorite book... Forever!


Those who know me know I loathe reading with all my heart. But there’s one exception, that makes me actually read on weekends. It’s a book series by Jeff Kinney. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series! Currently there are 15 books, and some just came today! I love Diary of a Wimpy Kid with all my heart. It’s the greatest book the ever exist! Here’s why:
1) It’s always entertaining - there is always an entertaining plot throughout the whole story! It never gets old!
2) It’s relatable - Greg Heffley is a middle schooler who doesn’t like school too much. Jeff Kinney displays a middle schooler so well with his struggles, and his family issues! So relatable!
3) You can read it over and over again - I have read this whole series at least 20 times per book. (Weird flex but ok) I always love to read it, whenever I’m sad, or I just want to stall studying (lol). Nonetheless, I always finish the whole book in less than an hour, moving on to the next one.
My love for diary of a wimpy kid is so great, and I appreciate Jeff Kinney and his genius behind it! Thanks mom and dad for chipping in to buying more of these books!
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