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As a web master or a web developer, you often need to work with images and pictures on your websites.
If you are a web designer, you are probably already proficient in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator but those tools are too complex and expensive for a web master or a developer.

I often look for a freeware when it comes to image/photo editors and I have a couple of free Windows softwares that I use for cropping, resizing, stitching, touching, etc but I didn't realize that there's a market for online photo editor until recently!

I wanted to show tribute to Steve Jobs on my website front page by displaying some of his images that I found on internet but I needed to change the orientation, move some images, and also add different images.

So I googled for free photo editor and found Pixlr, free online photo editing service!

At first I was very skeptical because the entire editor is written in Flash! (which means you will not be able to use this online editor in iPad )

However, after playing around with it, I soon realized that this is very advanced editor that can do so much more than most of the free editing softwares. I'm thoroughly impressed with it.
[screenshot of the editor when I was working on Steve Job's banner]

Why don't you give it a try? http://pixlr.com/editor
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