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Jonathan Mann has been writing one new song everyday, recording and posting on youtube daily since January 2009!

Yesterday, he wrote a song about iPhone 4's antenna issue and it's amazingly well done. I can't believe how creative he is and how amazingly gifted and talented with song writing. I just love and appreciate the people with musical talents and he will be one of the people I respect from the music artists.

Go check out his website and listen/watch his other songs.
Most of his songs played using his classic guitar are really good.

Here's the lyric for the iPhone Antenna song and the music video below.
This song is really catchy and pleasant to listen to. I love the "and you can call me a fanboy" part... I'm speechless how good this guy is... bravo!

Song A Day #561. “The IPhone Antenna Song”

there’s an awful lot of hoopla
around the iphone 4 antenna
when you grip it with the death grip
and you’re call slips away

the media loves a failure
in a string of success
the facts won’t ever matter
if they can make bigger messes

sure i can make it happen
but in terms of daily usage
i’ve yet to drop a call
so this whole damn thing is stupid

and you can call me a fanboy
i’ve been called worse things
but gizmodo just ridiculous
pulling their anti-apple strings

you bought a stolen prototype
get over it and move on
hey, i've got an idea..
let’s all sing this song

it goes,

if you don’t want an iPhone 4, don’t buy it
if you bought one and you don’t like it, bring it back.

bring it back, back to the apple store
but you know you won’t
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