Test-Um CX200 Coax Cable Mapper


The previous owner of our house used to work for SONY and I guess he was into video and audio stuff because he basically wired the entire house with coax cables and speaker wires behind the walls, under the floors, and above the ceilings.

He used to have a satellite dish service so he had the main source of video coming from the roof into the attic, then ran coax cables all over the house from there.

I found this 2 video in and 12 video out mega splitter in our attic while tracing some coax cables.

When we first moved in, we had an Optimum cable service then switched to Verizon FIOS a year later. The cable and FIOS lines came in from the side of the house so I had to figure out how to redirect the video outs to various rooms using the existing cables.

This was very time consuming and almost impossible task because there were just way too many coax cables and small 2-way and 3-way splitters all over the house.
I googled for coax cable tester and found this little neat device, which helped me redirect the videos from the existing cables without running any new ones.
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