The Lost Symbol


The Lost Symbol
by Dan Brown

I just finished reading The Lost Symbol.
This is my third book by Dan Brown, the first being The Da Vinci Code, followed by Angels & Demons.

When I read The Da Vinci Code, I bought the illustrated hardcover book and was mind blown by his fictional story. I then read the Angels & Demons in paperback and found that it was even better than The Da Vinci Code.

This time, I read The Lost Symbol in my Kindle e-book.

The Lost Symbol is the third book featuring Harvard professor Robert Langdon character and the story revolves around mysteries in the US capital of Washington DC. It definitely had many interesting and wow moments through out the book but it was my least favorite among the three Dan Brown books I read so far.
Only thing I liked the most was the fact that I was able to read in my bed, lying down and holding my Kindle with just one hand

I would recommend this book since it is a typical Dan Brown story but don't expect too much especially if you already read Angels & Demon or The Da Vinci Code.

I'm going to read the other Dan Brown books next!
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