ZeroBoard and XpressEngine


I just found out that they discontinued ZeroBoard as of 9/29/2009.
I am little sad to see ZeroBoard go... and here's why....

In 2003, the Korean Ministry, from my church back then, had asked me to join their website development team to build the church website for the very first time.
For obvious reasons they chose PHP and mySQL as the website platform so I had to buy "PHP & MySQL for DUMMIES" and study as we went along with this church project.

They also chose a free program called "ZeroBoard" as the framework for building dynamic portion of the website and that's when I first met and was exposed to ZeroBoard.

ZeroBoard is a bulletin board framework developed by a Korean guy in Korea using PHP and mySQL. He started this project in 1999 and had countless number of user community within few years (mostly by Koreans).

Some of the strength of ZeroBoard were:
  • Very intuitive Administration pages for Admin.
  • User/Member registration and access/privilege control at user level
  • Skin plug-ins and large user community
As I was studying and learning PHP for the very first time, I had to also study and learn ZeroBoard source codes because I had to incorporate ZeroBoard's member management to some of the custom pages that I created for the website.

I have to say that I learned more about PHP and mySQL from studying ZeroBoard source than from the book.

I wanted to part of ZeroBoard community and help others implement ZeroBoard as well as develop some Skin modules that anyone can use but I guess it's no use now.

However, ZeroBoard has been rewritten from ground up and now it's called XpressEngine (XE). Although I don't know anything about this new program, it appears to be more flexible, extensible, and stable.
I am planning to install XE and study its framework when I get a chance. I can then develop some modules and skins that I can contribute to the XE user community. I can honestly say that ZeroBoard is what inspired me to develop customized websites as well as my MyZynga framework. So, thank you ZeroBoard and rest in peace!

ZeroBoard site (now redirects to XP site):
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