10 Unspoken Marriage Rules You Must Follow

Just read an interesting article that I want to share with all married friends.
I would say I would probably agree with all of them except for one or two...
What do you think?

Below is the summary but you can read the details and reasons by clicking on the link to the original article at the bottom.

10 Unspoken Marriage Rules You Must Follow
  1. Don't criticize your partner's parents or friends.
  2. Tell your spouse about any ex encounters.
  3. Keep unsolicited advice to yourself.
  4. Don't take charge all the time.
  5. Don't bring up past arguments.
  6. Choose your battles, but don't stifle your feelings.
  7. Don't post private thoughts or photos publicly.
  8. Log off.
  9. Don't use the "D" word (divorce, that is).
  10. Be each other's number one.
10 Unspoken Marriage Rules, source: Yahoo
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