100th day

For Kara's 100th day, we decided not to have the family party with rice cakes, etc.
Instead, we went to Baby R Us near by and had family pictures taken to celebrate and remember her 100th day.

Surprisingly the pictures came out pretty good.
I think we paid around $90 and took lots of different pictures to choose from.
We didn't get the digital copy of the photos because that would have cost additional $85 or so.

Katie bought the frames from Target and was eager to hang these pictures in our house. Here are some of the pictures of the pictures

The pictures taken from Jordan's 1st birthday were replaced with these pictures.

And here's a picture with Kara's imprints of her hand and foot.

This is something we did for both Aaron and Jordan as well for their 100th days.
We purchased all three from red envelop but their quality has gone down over the past few years. I guess they need to keep the cost down one way or the other...

Finally, here are all three imprints...
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