10th Anniversary

I've been wanting to brag about our 10th anniversary for awhile but never got a chance to until now. So our anniversary was on Thursday, 11.11.
David really went out all the way to make sure that this was a memorable anniversary..

After dropping off Jordan to his school, these beautiful flowers were waiting for me.

Also, there was a big burberry shopping bag sitting on our dining table..
At night we had a Japanese food take out for dinner & when we were about to eat, there was the green box.. which completely caught me by surprise...

The story behind all these is even more touching. So David's been planning this months ago.. David is very maticulous especially when it comes to getting me presents. He looks, looks, and looks, and looks some more before making his final decision. David talked to, looked and studied all the rings on all the ladies at church without me knowing about it. Also, he made arrangements with his good friend who works at burberry months ago so that it'll be a surprise for me.

I absolutely had no idea whatsoever, and I was really pleasantly surprised by the whole thing.

That weekend, we had babysitting arrangements. We were able to go out to the city, watch a movie, stay out late with some friends, and stay over night. The next morning we slept in, which we don't get to do.. It was really nice.
All the efforts, ideas, planning, and celebrating in a way which I couldn't have asked for in any other way..

Thank you my hubs and I love you...
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