19 Months

I'm not sure if it's because Kara has two older siblings or like a lot of people say that girls mature faster, but she definitely seems to be more mature than when her brothers were at her age.

One thing for sure is her self potty training. For #1 she'll let me know after she's already done, but for #2, she lets me know before coming out. She'll point to her butt & say, "Ee-ee." I'll put her on the toilet and she goes. It's so much better than to change soiled diaper for sure!

She loves scribbling. This is definitely from watching her brothers drawing all the time. I have to be on a constant look out for her because she'll just draw anywhere.

And her strong desire to use utensils is something I'm not so dandy about. I'm afraid she might poke herself...

I look at Aaron, Jordan and Kara, their personalities, their characteristics, and their behaviors... and it's just amazing how the three are all very different yet similar.
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