2010 year-end - busy weekends and snow storm

It was busy and very tiring towards the end of the year 2010.
We had non-stop events during the weekends from early November up until the Christmas weekends. We especially had many weekends with guests over for dinner so it was tiring cooking and cleaning almost every weekends.
When I look at the list below, I don't know how we were able to manage and survive the weekends...

Sat, 11/13 - celebrated 10 year anniversary in Manhattan by hanging out until 4:30am previous day.
Sat, 11/20 - invited friends over dinner at our house
Thu, 11/25 and Fri, 11/26 - Thanksgiving dinner with families at our house
Sat, 12/4 - invited friends over dinner at our house
Sat, 12/11 - invited friends over dinner at our house
Sat, 12/18 - invited friends over dinner at our house
Sat, 12/25 - dinner with families at our house

It was truly exhausting weekends and we didn't have much time for ourselves. We are not planning to have any friends and guests over for a while to give us some breathing room. For that reason, we stayed home on the New Year's Eve to rest and re-cooperate.

We were suppose to have another lunch invite on Mon, 12/27 but it got canceled on the last minute due to the snow storm that hit the East coast.

I ended up shoveling and cleaning the snow for more than 3 hours on that day. Even though it's not a 2-stage snow blower, I was very glad I had one that worked pretty well. I have no idea how I would have cleaned all the snow without my blower.

I had to break and shave off the top layers of snow with shovel first then use the snow blower to throw the snow away.

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