kindergarten quater 2 report card

Aaron got his kindergarten report card for quarter 2.

This is the comment that his teacher wrote on his report card:

"It is a pleasure having Aaron in my class this year. He is a delight!
Aaron has adjusted well to kindergarten. He has learned the rules and routines of the classroom.
Aaron loves to learn! He is always interested and participates during class lessons.
Aaron enjoys the literature that is shared in class. He likes to identify the elements in the story and shares his thoughts and interpretations of the authors underlying message. We all love to hear what Aaron has to say.
Aaron is a dedicated worker. He is aware of his academic responsibilities and makes certain his assignments are complete each day.
Aaron is showing very strong reading readiness skills. He has learned all of his letters and sounds and is reading words! In order to maintain and strengthen Aaron's academic skills he should continue to read and write daily.
Great job, Aaron! "
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