first concert

Aaron participated in first school concert today where all kindergarten sang two Christmas carols.

When we got to the school, it was like a zoo... school gym was packed with parents trying to get a good seat in order to be able to take good photos and videos.

Many people were just standing on the side walls so they can walk up anytime to take pictures.

When Aaron came out, I can tell that he was trying to find us among the crowds...
He did eventually find Katie, who was sitting down towards the back with Jordan but he couldn't find me since I was standing on a side wall...

I'm so happy that Aaron had the opportunities to sing and dance at a Vacation Bible School during two summers because he's not shy or frightened on stage like some other kids... he was singing out loud and enjoying the performance.

I had a chance to walk up to take a close up picture after the concert was over.
Aaron was so happy to finally see me..
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