Apple Picking

Since kids had no school yesterday, we went apple picking. We went with GoMo & GoMoBoo, but daddy couldn't go because he had to work..

The weather was perfect! It was warm but not hot, and breezy but not cold.

This year due to hot summer, almost all of the apples were either picked, or fallen off the tree because they were too ripe.., so we had such a hard time looking for apples to pick.

We did manage to pick a few, and the kids loved the fresh taste of apples!

It was Kara's first time apple picking eventhough all she did was either sit in the stroller, or in mommy's arms. By the way, Kara turned 7 months!

Eventhough we weren't able to pick that many apples, it was really nice to stay out, enjoy the weather, and experience the nature
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