Arts & Crafts with Household items

For this Summer, I've been homeschooling the boys, and we've been doing arts & crafts as afternoon activities.

I purchased the top one for Aaron, and the bottom one for Jordan, but the one for Aaron ended up being so much better that both boys have been doings things from the top book.

Household Items book is very user-friendly in so many ways. The book is categorized by different types of household items, has color pictures for every project, detailed list of things needed for the project, and step-by-step instructions.

My boys have been enjoying every project we've done so far, and I'm enjoying helping them. When they are done, they run to their daddy's office to show off their final products!

I've been mostly doing projects with paper plates because it requires the least things, and the least complicated, but it still takes more than an hour for both boys to complete.

Basket of Flowers made with paper bags

A Myriad of Mobiles & a Lion made with paper plates

Safari Animals made with cereal boxes (individual size)

Crawling Critters made with paper plates

Dino and Crab made with paper plates

One of the great things is that I can tweak the projects depending on what I have, and they still come out awesome!
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