baby girl Kara

Praise God!

Kara Han, our third and LAST child, was born yesterday on 3/12/2010 at 12:32AM.
She was 5 lbs and 9 oz, and was 18 inches tall.

She was prematurely born 5 weeks early and gave us a non-stop thrills during the last 3 days and 4 nights of our lives.

We believe she's truly a gift and blessing from our God, as well as an answer to the prayer.

The following event took place about an year ago, before even Katie conceived Kara (and we were not planning to have any more children):

I think Katie was dressing Aaron after a shower one day then Aaron suddenly asked Katie,
"Mommy, I want a baby sister".
So Katie told Aaron,
"Sorry, I can't help you with that but God is in control so you can pray to God if you want".
Aaron immediately got on his knees then prayed in front of Katie that he wanted a baby sister.
Katie told me about this later that day and I thought it was cute but we both knew that his prayer was not going to be fulfilled. I guess we were wrong!

Again, Kara was not in our plan so we were very surprised when we found out that Katie was pregnant. So we did not tell Aaron about her pregnancy since we did not want Aaron to tell people in our church about his new sibling to be.

Soon after we found out about the pregnancy, Katie was dressing Aaron to go to church on Sunday morning and Aaron asked Katie,
"Mommy, how come God is not giving me a baby sister? I prayed to God about it"
When Katie heard this, she got chills in her body since Aaron surely did not know about our pregnancy. When we shared this story at church, everyone said that we will be having a baby girl due to Aaron's prayer.

However, Katie did not wanted to know the gender of the baby so we did not know until yesterday when we finally met Kara in person. However, I was not surprised at all and was kind of expecting a girl due to Aaron's prayer but was just hoping for a boy.

Kara was due on April 11th and I was suppose to go on a business trip to California next week so I jokingly told Katie to not have the baby while I was in California. I was joking since the baby would have to be 4 weeks early in order for that to happen. Again, I was wrong.... Kara beat my joke and came out even earlier.

I was working from home this past week and on Tuesday, Katie told me that her water was leaking and that she needed to go to the hospital to get checked out.
When she came back from the hospital in the afternoon, she told me that her doctor wanted her to be admitted to the hospital because she had this syndrome that can cause infection to the baby if the water broke or was leaking. Therefore, she needed to get antibiotics by IV to reduce the risk of infection to the baby.
Also, she was in her 35th week pregnancy with a history of miscarriage during her 20th week pregnancy in the past, the doctor did not wanted to take any chance.

When she was admitted to the delivery room that evening, we found out that she was having a very mild contractions although she did not feel anything.
We both spent the night at the delivery room in the hospital on Tuesday while Katie's mom was over at our house watching Aaron and Jordan.

We were comforted because we received so many emails of prayers and encouragements from our congregation members and friends that Tuesday evening.

Oh, and Aaron drew the following picture on Tuesday afternoon then gave it to Katie and said "you can look at this drawing when you get scared at the hospital".

Katie had a sonogram Wednesday morning while I went home to check on the kids. The doctor told us that her water level is still good even though it's constantly leaking since all mothers continue to produce and replenish the water until the full term. The doctor recommended that we should wait few days before inducing the labor since every 24 hours counts at this stage because 35th and 36th weeks are considered to be the end of the lung development stage for the baby.

The doctor also told us that any babies prematurely born before 37th weeks had to go to the NICU, which is the intensive care unit with incubators. She also told us that the baby most likely will need antibiotics as well as respiratory assistance.

When Katie had the second sonogram on Thursday morning, the doctor told her that her water level was only half of what it was the day before. She recommended that we induce the labor to minimize any risk instead of waiting for another sonogram result the following day.

They gave her the drug to induce labor around 6PM on Thursday and her contractions immediately increased in constant pace. By 7PM, Katie was feeling uncomfortable with contractions so she asked for and got epidural for the very first time. With Aaron and Jordan, Katie did not get epidural!
I was holding her hands in front of her while they were preparing the epidural behind her back then I freaked out all of sudden and had to leave the room. Sorry baby~

Katie gave birth to Aaron and Jordan within 3 hours of being admitted to hospital with strong contractions so she told me that she probably will give birth within 3 hours at the rate of contractions were increasing.
I kept telling her that she needs to hold the baby for at least 5 hours since she will be discharged from the hospital on Saturday if the baby was born before midnight instead of being discharged on Sunday if the baby was born after midnight.
Even if the baby is born on 11:59PM, that one second is counted as one whole day at the hospital! Don't you just hate the insurance companies? How can 1 second equal to 24 hours????

Luckily, Kara came out at 12:32AM so the 32 minutes bought Katie another 24 hours of rest in the hospital.

Not only that, everything about Kara was so much better than what we were anticipating. She was so healthy and was doing great that they did not give her antibiotics and she did not need any assistance with respiratory. She was also eating very well so they only needed to keep her in NICU for body temperature until she gains some weight and fat so that she doesn't have to burn calories to keep herself warm.

Today, the doctor told us that the baby is doing so well that we may be able to take her home with us by next Wednesday instead of at the end of next week.

I wish I had recorded Aaron's expression and reaction when I told him yesterday that he now has a baby sister. He also prayed out loud for Katie and his new sister during dinner last night, as well as drew another painting for Katie with "welcome back home" words in the drawing.

We also had very nice nurses since Tuesday. Once again, we were reminded how important nurses are since they are the one who will be taking care of the mom from the beginning to the end. The doctor just comes in to deliver the baby then leaves right after. There's no doubt that all pregnant moms have to pray for good nurses.
One of our nurses were very disappointed that her day shift ended at 7:30pm yesterday and that she was not going to be there when the baby was born.
When she was going home, she reserved the biggest room on the floor for us, where Katie would be spending next two days recovering.
It fact, it was a spacious, corner room with most privacy and was one of the two only rooms on the floor that had a small round table with chairs (where I can sit and use my laptop).

BTW, I slept on that convertible chair next to Katie's bed since last Tuesday night...

We are so thankful for so many things...
Kara is doing so much better than what we were expecting from a premature birth.
We were also reminded how much love and support we had from our brothers and sisters of God, and that we were not going through this alone.
Kara did not try to come out while I was in California next week.
Katie had relatively easy labor without too much pain.
Aaron and Jordan are doing great at home without their mommy for 5 days.
We had the friendliest and best nurses during the stay.
Aaron's prayer was answered.

Thanks for reading this long blog entry and Praise God!

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