Best Brothers Forever

Starting about a week ago, we decided to make efforts on a healthier living. It was mainly because David wants to lose weight. We changed our diet first.. Our main consumptions were meats & rice, but we decided to have less red meat, more greens, fish & chicken. David also runs almost everyday for about a half an hour before dinner. On the days which he can't run because of work or other things, he exercises at home.

One night, David was exercising at home, and Aaron, after witnessing his dad exercising, decided to make his own list of things to do in order to have a healthier living.. After making the list, he posted right underneat the picture of him & Jordan together, which I thought was so cute & precious.

I can't even begin to express how precious, blessed and amazing it is to have our boys. They fight over toys almost all the time.., nonetheless, their love for each other gives me teary eyes because even in the midst of fighting, they genuinely protect each other, care for one another and they truly can't live without each other.

I earnestly pray to God that as a parent, that I do my best to keep their close relationship with each other so that their love for each other can be prevalent even when they are grown up... as Aaron always puts, "Jordan is my best brother!"
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