Black Friday


Today is Black Friday! Most stores have major sales and some times just unthinkable promotion with limited quantity for first come, first serve basis.
For this reason, many people choose to camp outside the store, which I think it's insane...

We had a Thanksgiving dinner at our place last night and my wife did all of the cooking. She must have been tired but she went out last night at 11pm with a friend to go to the outlet, which opened at midnight.

For me, there's one place (or two) I go to on every Black Friday.
It's Home Depot or Lowe's...
Last year I went to both stores but today I only went to Home Depot.
That's my favorite place to be on Black Friday... it calms me down and fills me with excitement for some reason

I always buy something on Black Friday and today I bought a backpack leaf blower!
I'm going to give it a try after lunch today and hope to write a review on it
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