Bridgeport, CT

The weekend before Thanksgiving, our family visited Bridgeport, CT.

This is a picture of Jordan and Kara just before leaving for the weekend trip

The kids were excited to get away from their everyday lives, and so was I

The first night, the boys swam at the hotel while the girls relaxed in the room.

The second day, we visited the Beardsley Zoo. It was small but it was a cute place!

It was cold so we weren't able to see as many animals as we hoped for.

Nonetheless, the kids loved it!

That night we all went to the hotel pool. The kids enjoyed swimming with daddy while I took pictures.

On the day coming back home, we visited the Discovery Museum. There weren't a lot of things to see, but there were little things the kids had fun with.

Jordan is always very good at occupying himself with something, and here he found legos he could play with. He was very focused for a long time

Both at the zoo and at the museum, Kara fell asleep for the bulk of the times, so we weren't able to take any pictures of Kara in action..

It sure was a nice, quiet getaway, and another memorable family time..
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