busy bee July

So many things happened in the month of July...
I wanted to recap and share some of the July events but August got little crazy too and now we are already in September.

For July 4th weekend, we went to the Long Beach Island, NJ with the Pak family.
In order to avoid the insane traffic and overpriced lodging, we went there from Thursday, 6/30 through Saturday, 7/2. Luckily, Friday, 7/1 was recognized as the company holiday so all I had to do was take a half way off on Thursday.

Here's Kara walking with mommy in LBI after having brunch at a local diner. so cute

Then there was Chris and Jenny's wedding

The view of overlooking Manhattan was amazing

And here's a picture with our pastor Richard and his wife Theresa, and Katie's some close gal friends

Then on Friday, 7/22, I volunteered to work at a house building construction site.

This is something that my company promotes all employees to do twice a year, which is awesome. Not only you get a break from your work but you get to do something good for non-profit organizations that help others that are in needs.
This was my first time being on a construction site and it was a hard labor but what made it worse was that it was over 100 degrees that day. Due to the heat wave warning, we all had to stop working at 11am (we started at 8am).

We then celebrated my dad's birthday in our house with our family:

Then there was my birthday.... (I'm really dreading next year's birthday
Here's awesome handmade birthday card from Aaron:

It's hard to read due to the lighting but he wrote:
"Dear dad, Happy birthday. I love you so much. Thank you for working and making money for us. Thank you for everything. And I hope you like the present inside the card. I hope you like the hole card!. Love Aaron Han" There was a candy taped inside the card.

btw, this was a pure coincident but I was yet rewarded with another Apple iPad2 on my birthday by the CFO of my company for the success of one of the projects I worked on in June. Since this is the 2nd iPad2 I received from my company, I returned this one to Apple store and got $800 store credit I'm thinking about buying either Mac mini or MacBook Air

Finally, there was Christine and Ed's wedding

And one more thing.... we had our annual church retreat at the end of July and I was part of the Retreat Planning Committee team this year so most of my mind was occupied with retreat planning in July. (see if you can find me and Katie)

Glad that July is over
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