Cancun & Uncle Charlie's Wedding

After 4 years, our family revisited Cancun. We were very ambitious to go overseas with the two very young boys 4 years ago. This time around it was definitely a LOT more relaxing.

It was a perfect opportunity to go on a vacation. Our dearest friend was having a destination wedding!

Jordan had the honor to be the ring boy
Jordan, being the very affectionate boy, adored the flower girl who is a daughter of David's very close friend. We had a couple of rehearsals before the big day.

We also had a great time enjoying the resort's facilities!

David even got a chance to play beach volleyball

The boys enjoyed swimming while I was being pampered at the Spa... twice!

And the Wedding!

Aaron was a little sad that he wasn't the ring boy, but nevertheless, he had a blast at the wedding dancing his feet off
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