Christmas 2012

This is a picture taken on Christmas morning... looks like Santa was here

This is the letter than Aaron wrote to Santa this year. He actually taped a candy on his letter but we took the candy off to pretend like Santa ate it (unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture with the candy, hence the photoshop)

I don't know why the list of wanted gifts are growing every year but we couldn't believe he was asking for iPhone 5 and iPad

Busy opening their presents...

No iPad or iPhone but they did each get a fleece blanket with their name engraved

with their favorite color and favorite Disney character

Since Christmas Eve, Aaron came down with a severe flu and has been sick for almost a week now. Jordan also got sick two days ago from Aaron...
Hope they get well soon and hopefully Kara won't catch it

On December 1st, I took the boys to watch the Rise of the Guardians movie.
I really enjoy going to the movies with the boys now
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