I currently attend Bethany WELL ( - I know, our website sucks...)
We are located at the heart of Fort Lee on Main Street.

Our main church building was built in 1867 and we it went through several renovations and even an expansion in 1909 (see picture and notes below)

The Korean Ministry in Wayne is going to be sharing our church building for KM services and they decided to do a major renovation back in August 2011.

Therefore, we rented the Fort Lee elementary school #3 and had our Sunday Services at their school gym from 9/25/2011 through 1/8/2012. This was a big change for us since we had to move most of our stuff then setup and tear down every Sunday.

Here are some pictures from our first Sunday service at the school on 9/25/2011.
We had to meet at 8am at the church to move all the instruments and sound systems, and to setup at the school gym for the first time.

After all the instruments and sound system were set up, the Praise team did some practice to make sure everything was okay. Oak was signing none other than his favorite, Blessed Be Your Name.

I thought our first Service at the school went pretty well...

Pastor Richard kicked off the first service with a sermon series titled "Church Acts"

We then had a special baptism outside the school for Sophie, who left the country next day to go back to Korea.

Now, fast forward 16 weeks and we moved back to our church building and had our first Sunday Service at the newly renovated building on 1/15/2012!

Pastor Richard kicked off the first service with a special sermon titled "Don't Go To Church" (he just loves to play with the words)

It's great to be back at the church building and through this experience, I am even more thankful to all the leaders and volunteers in our church, and to God for all His provisioning and governance of His people!
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