Crayola Factory & Snowtubing (1.10 - 1.12.14)

We planned to go snowtubing and the place we visited is near Crayola factory, so we were able to enjoy both in and outdoor.

The kids were able to enjoy the hotel indoor pool both nights as swimming is one of their favorite things to do when we go away.

The kids enjoyed the Art Alive where they saw their drawing come to life on the big screen! They could sit for hours doodling and seeing their own drawings! David enjoyed it quite a bit as well.

We also enjoyed making our own markers and puzzles.

Then the next day, we went to Blue Mountain for snowtubing! This place was so much better than Woodbury, CT. We were able to stay in the tube while it was being lifted up to the hill. To our surprise, Kara absolutely LOVED it! even asking the attendants to spin the tube before they gave a push for the tube to go downhill!
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