crazy night out at work

I was in Santa Barbara this week for business as usual.
This past Wednesday night, I went out with my colleagues, managers, and clients to celebrate a big milestone in our project. It was a big turn out and we had lots of fun at a Mexican restaurant at downtown Santa Barbara with unlimited eating and drinking.
We even had couple of C-level executives and a VP at the outing.

The restaurant was closing so we got kicked out of it around 10 pm.
The big boys and the most of the clients went home but my project team members were discussing what we should do for round 2 of the night. We had one of our clients with us and he too wanted to hang out little more so we ended up heading to a near by Irish bar.

From there on, it was all down hill and everything went wrong... I don't want to go into details of what happened but these are some of the flashbacks of what happened to some of us that night since 10 pm onwards...

shots after shots
pool table and darts
Irish car bombs
getting wasted
more pool table and darts
dart stuck on a leg and bleeding
more mixed drinks
talent show
walking back to the bar
waiting at the parking lot for over an hour
more vomiting inside the rental car
constantly repeating WTF, WTF!
passenger seat in Porsche 911 convertible
a dead stop in the middle of the highway
0 to 85 in 6 seconds
carrying the vomited man to his hotel room
talking about non-sense at the hotel parking lot
complaints from hotel that we are too loud at 3:30 am
pulled over for DWI and license suspended
3 hours of sleep at the police station
cab ride back from police station to hotel at 5:30 am

it was insane... the next day on Thursday morning, everybody was suffering.
we couldn't get any work done and we all left around noon to head out to the airport.
I slept like a baby in the entire 6 hour flights back to NY.
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