day after mommy was discharged...

Katie was discharged from the hospital yesterday noon and we went back to the hospital yesterday around 6PM to see Kara then today around 3PM.
It really feels like days, if not weeks, since we left the hospital...
I guess having to see Kara only once a day makes it seem like that...

BTW, here's the drawing that Aaron made for Katie.
He basically copied one of his book covers then added his message for Katie.

Kara is eating really well. She can finish 2 oz bottle of formula already.
She's also feeding well from breast milk, much better than how Aaron and Jordan were. This is good since Katie has the most amazing immune system, as she never gets sick or not even catch a cold during the winter.

BTW, that's not a orange juice. That's the breast milk. Well, technically it's not a milk but it's called Colostrum, which is what contains the immune system from mommy's body and is available only first few days before a real breast milk starts flowing.

So, who does Kara look like? Me or Katie?
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