dinner and talk with Aaron


Last night, we gave dinner to just Jordan and Kara first then put both of them to sleep because Aaron wanted to have the Vietnamese's rolls for dinner.

In fact, Aaron complained to Katie that we get to eat the Vietnamese's rolls only when we have guests over but never for a regular family dinner. He even went on to say that mommy only makes great meals when guests are over and that's why he likes having some guests over in the house

I guess Katie did feel bad about the fact that she never did prepare Vietnamese's rolls just for just our family so that's exactly what we had for dinner with just Aaron (only because it took a while to prepare and Jordan and Kara don't like the rolls).

It was actually nice having dinner just with Aaron because it was much more peaceful and we can actually have some conversations rather than trying to feed Kara and attend to Jordan.

I was, however, dreading for the dinner to be over because yesterday is the day when we promised Aaron that we would answer all of the questions that he's been asking recently...
so we finally had the talk

Katie and I took turn explaining about what sex is and how the babies are made...
Apparently, one of his classmates from school has been feeding Aaron with some information about sex in the school bus.
He was asking questions like:

* I heard that you have to make sex in order to have a baby.
* I heard that you have to get naked and hug to have sex.
* I heard that baby comes out from your penis.
* I heard that sex is bad but you do it to love someone.
* I heard that making sex feels good.

We basically told him everything about sex and how babies are made.
We also let him know that sex is not bad and that it's a gift from God but it's not age appropriate to talk about with his friends yet. We also told him and he can always come to us to ask any questions he wants.

It was a long discussion and Aaron asked so many questions (I don't even remember all of them anymore) but it was definitely worth it.

I agree with Katie that it's better to hear and learn from the parents before they get corrupted and is mislead from his friends.
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