Easier way to enjoy old insta-tweets

Insta-Tweet has become our official family album, where we can see and remember what we did, where we have been, and how our kids have grown...

The "Throwback Memories" feature that I stole from Facebook back in October 2018 was an icing on the cake, making it even easier to remember and enjoy old insta-tweets from year(s) ago on the same day.

Well, yesterday I introduced a small feature that will make it easier to browse and enjoy older insta-tweets.
I give you the "Previous Tweet" button on the bottom of any insta-tweet!

This button enables you to easily jump to the previous insta-tweet right before the one that you are currently viewing. This allows you to easily flip through older insta-tweets without having to go back out to the main page then having to click on another insta-tweet to view the next/previous picture. Basically, it's a rewind button...

I'm not going to add a button for go forward because it's more fun to view older photos than newer photos... and there isn't enough space for another button when viewing from a mobile phone. Oh, here's what it looks like when viewing it on iPhone 8

Why don't you give it a try?
I hope you like it and will enjoy browsing through old photos!
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