family swimming hours

As I mentioned in the previous post, we have joined our town's family swimming hours which is 2 hours on Friday evening and 2 hours on Saturday afternoon during the Spring and Fall. This is changed to 2 hours every day during the weekdays in the summer time. The family swimming pool pass is only $80 for the entire year!

However, we have never taken advantage of this family swimming hours until this past Saturday.

We went to Philadelphia over the Memorial Day weekend and the boys got to swim at the hotel but Jordan loved it more than Aaron. So I wanted to take Jordan, more than Aaron, to the family swimming hour this past Saturday.

I'm very glad we went there because it was so awesome. I thought it was going to be packed seeing that Saturday was really hot and the pool facility is a top notch.
It turns out that there were less than 10 people in that gigantic pool.

We forgot to bring Aaron's Micky Mouse floating tube around his arms so Aaron wanted to go home after swimming with me for an hour but Jordan refused to go outside of the pool. Jordan even did a cannon ball from the edge all by himself (I pulled him up as soon as he went into the water of course).

The swimming pool at the hotel over the weekend was smaller than 1/10th of this size and had lot more people in there so it was mad crowded...

Hopefully, I can find the time to go to the family swimming hours often during the summer with the boys.
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