feels like a newb again...

In 2013, I need to build about 5 new websites...
I need to create many more in the coming years as I currently own over 50 domain names now.

I've been searching for a good PHP framework that I can invest in learning, which will help me build a scalable, reliable, and easily maintainable web applications.

After doing some serious research and reading tons of reviews and opinions, it became very clear that the obvious choice was the Laravel php framework.

Initially, I was leaning towards CodeIgniter framework but apparently, this framework stopped evolving after PHP5 in order to maintain the backward compatibility with older PHP versions.

Laravel indeed seems very cool and amazing. However, after watching about 20 tutorial screencasts and reading few tutorial articles, I'm still lost......

I'm not sure whether because I'm getting too old to pick up new stuff or I'm just not that smart but it's so difficult to follow, digest, and remember for some reason.

However, I'm not giving up just yet. I still have "PHP and mySql for dummies" book that I purchased 9 years ago when I started to learn PHP for the first time.

So, I ordered a Laravel book last night... and started to roll up my sleeves to do hands-on programming exercises rather than just reading and watching the tutorials. I still believe that the best way of learning anything is by diving in and trying to stay afloat even if you don't know how to swim.

Looks like year 2013 will be a busy year for me with lots of learning (hopefully) and building new web sites/applications. Laravel, here I come... I want to be your best friend
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