At the end of summer 2015, my brother-in-law suggested that we take kids to fishing for the first time so we did and it was simply amazing.

The two hobbies that I enjoyed the most after graduating from college was playing golf and fishing but after Aaron was born, it became very difficult to do either since it takes so much time away from family and it's not something that I can do it together with the family... until now that my boys are older!

My brother-in-law was very patient with my kids on teaching them how to cast and reel, etc

On our first day of fishing, Jordan caught a fluke and Aaron caught two sea robin so we were happy that we didn't get skunked.

Aaron and Jordan really enjoyed their first time fishing experience so we went back a month later to the same spot and it was pretty good day again.

After the 2nd fishing trip, I purchased fishing rods for the kids and even bought few crab traps so kids can experience catching crabs. 2 weeks later, we went to the Captree but we ended up not catching any fish other than some crabs

A month later, we went to Jones Beach and caught bunch of black sea bass using clams as the bait!

Then last year, in 2016, I bought a town watershed access permit so I can take them to fresh water fishing and Jordan caught his first small mouth and Aaron caught bunch of sunnies

I can't wait until going fishing again this summer with my boys!
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