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This event occurred few hours ago today

We had a Chinese food take out for dinner tonight after coming back from church.
Aaron and Jordan love to eat fortune cookies after the meal but Aaron also loves to read the "fortune" inside the fortune cookie.

He usually reads the "fortune" out loud then asks me what it means since he doesn't understand the true meaning of these "fortunes" as they are usually deep and have hidden messages instead of being so literal.

One of the fortunes that Aaron read was the following:

"The best way to destroy your enemies is to make them your friends"

Aaron then asked, "Daddy, what does this mean?"
As I was preparing in my mind to best explain this wisdom, Aaron shouted "Oh, I know!".

I was little taken back (and impressed) when he told me that he knew what this meant but when he explained to me what he thought it meant, I was laughing and worried at the same time...
Aaron explained as follows:

"Does it mean that you be nice and be friends with your enemies so that they like you then when they go to sleep, you can kill them?"

Now you tell me... should I be worried???
I think he's been watching too much TV and behaviors of villains in the super hero cartoons, as well as playing too much super hero squad video games...

I did explain to Aaron what this wisdom truly meant and I don't know for sure if he really understands it but I thought this whole incident was so funny and scary at the same time...
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