Good Times

One Saturday morning, while David was at church for a meeting, the four of us just lounged around in the house. The kids were rolling on the livingroom floor, tickling each other, laughing and just having a good time.

Often times, people tell me that eventhough right now raising young children may seem hard, these are the good times. As the kids get older, they'll need less and less of our hands, and they'll be on their own.

I witness so many older moms who's children have now grown up older that they are either in college, married, or just living separately. They all tell me enjoy where I am now.

This got me to wonder... Will I be like that too in the later years... Which part will I reminisce the most... Is it the cuteness? Is it the fact that they are sill in my hands? Or Is it that we are all under the same roof?

I look at younger people and I do think, "Ah... those were the good days.." Maybe we are species who can't be satisfied where we are now, that we are constantly living in nostalgia... Or maybe we want to be just young forever...
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